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What is Truck Pinstriping and What is Involved?

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15:00 PM

Truck pinstriping seems like a simple artistic job, but the reality is different. Truck pinstriping is a complicated, multi-dimensional skill that requires a lot of time and dedication along with adequate preparation and materials. If you are new to truck pinstriping, this post is for you. Here we look at what is truck pinstriping and what is involved in the process.

What is Truck Pinstriping?

Truck pinstriping is all about adding visual appeal to your automobile. Whether you have a van or a pickup, truck pinstriping is one of the best ways to add colour and style to your vehicle without damaging the exterior.

Let’s take a closer look at what truck pinstriping involves.

The Process

The truck pinstriping process involves getting in touch with a professional pinstriping artist who can give you ideas for designs and colour combinations based on your preference. Once you know you are working with the right pinstriping artist, your job is almost done. But that’s when the next part starts.

It's when your pinstriping artist selects the right pinstriping tape for your truck, and that is perhaps the most critical aspect of the process. It is the essential raw material that gives the style and looks to your vehicle. Typically, a pinstriping tape is made of robust and durable material that is easy-to-apply tape. By applying the pinstriping tape, pinstriping artists can create exceptional designs and give a customised look that your vehicle that is exactly how you expected it to be.

However, there are no single criteria for selecting the best truck pinstriping tape. Different artists may have a different preference that is also influenced by the client's choice of design and colour. Fortunately, we live in a world where there is something for everyone, so your pinstriping artist will find one that is exactly as per your needs.

The best part about truck pinstriping take is that it does not damage your vehicle’s exterior. If you are wondering how to apply the truck pinstriping tape, don’t worry. Almost all truck pinstriping tapes come with a detailed user manual, and many brands also offer a lifetime warranty. However, we recommend that it is always best to avoid DIY truck pinstriping. You must work with a professional truck pinstriping artist who knows exactly how to do the job for the best results.

While many pinstriping artists work with stencils to create designs, you can find many truck pinstriping artists who do freestyle pinstriping projects and create unique and personalised designs for your trucks.

If you are looking for convenient and customised truck sign solutions, get in touch with Smirks Sign work today. Our expert team assesses your unique requirement before we come up with a customised solution for your truck. Call now on 0408 132 811 or email us at for more information.