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What are Good Ideas to Increase Your Brand Awareness Through Signage?

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10:43 AM

The colourful signage that you see outside stores and restaurants isn’t put up without any reason. If you look closely, you’ll learn a lot of things about the brand and what to expect from it just by looking at the signage. Signage plays a powerful role in getting your brand message through to your target audience, and you shouldn’t take it lightly.

With the market currently in fierce competition, you need to start thinking out of the box to stand out and make your brand identity known. If you fail at connecting with your audience, you’ll lose a lot of potential customers, and it could just be the downfall of your business.

Working on creative, innovative, and meaningful signage is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness among your target audience. Are you wondering how you can use signage to your company's advantage? You’ve come to the right place! Here's how to make the most of your indoor and outdoor signs.


Use Channel Letters

Channel letters are the most common yet extremely effective way of catching the attention of potential customers and increasing brand awareness. Channel letters are manufactured individually and installed together to form words.

You can use your brand colours and font styles to represent your business and its identity. They do a great job of reflecting the true essence of your brand.


Install Monument Signs

Another great idea that can help you grab potential customers’ attention is installing monument signs outside your store. A monument sign instantly catches the attention of all the people passing by and can help you increase your brand awareness significantly.

These are eye-catching monuments that are placed outside your store. The size, style, and colours can all be customized to align with your brand image. You can include important details with the store’s name, like a tagline or store timings that offer valuable information to the readers.


Play With Digital Signage

The most trending way to use signage to your brand’s advantage is by bringing in a digital touch. You can display your brand’s name, taglines, and even display any ongoing or upcoming sales to catch customers’ attention.

Make sure the digital signage includes your brand’s logo. You should use fonts and colours to match the logo and align them with your branding campaigns on all platforms.


Explore With Neon Colours

Neon colours are hard to miss. One just can’t overlook them because they’re loud and vibrant, and this is exactly why you should use neon signage outside your store. Display ongoing offers and sales in neon outside your store, and rest assured that it’ll generate the traffic you want.

It’s not necessary that you only use neon signage to display your logo. You can use neon signage to display taglines and attractive punch lines that can attract potential customers to your store. Doing this will give the customers an idea of what you’ve got to offer. Neon signage should give the customers an insight into your vibe!

Today, customers are inclined towards businesses that make an effort to connect with them. Simply displaying a logo outside your store wouldn’t help you stand out and call out to your customers. What you need is an out-of-the-box signage idea that doesn’t go unnoticed!

Once you’ve got the customers’ attention, you certainly wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to retain it. And you can do only that if your signage offers value and meaning!